Using current events in education

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Using current events in lectures

Recently I was in a marketing class where the lecturer brought up an example from current events. The article had been released the hour prior to the lecture, so it almost literally could not have been more relevant or more ‘current’. The fact that I found this to be a novel experience really highlighted the fact that most lectures are so removed from the real world. It’s hard to feel that a course which reuses the same content and the same examples over and over can really be relevant, but by using current events our lecturer was able to help us feel that we were learning current skills.

That being said, there is room for ‘classic’ examples in the context of law lectures, where most common law and precedence lies rooted in history. The understanding of that history is what allows the student to apply the knowledge to a modern-day context. But in the example of our marketing lecture, it felt really important that we would be able to understand the current market and current trends, rather than historic ones.

As a tutor I feel this is something I can really learn from. It keeps students engaged, interested, and feeling as if the information is relevant. If I include teaching from current events in my tutorials I feel certain that my students will feel as I did when my lecturer used it, and I would consider that a pretty solid win!