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It’s chat room for your whole company. If you’ve heard of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) before, it’s fairly similar in function. Your team’s Slack will be divided up into smaller ‘channels’ for group discussion, made up of teams, interests or whatever you desire.

Slack is often positioned as an ’email killer’ but it’s more like a way to lessen your internal email. You know, the kind that is super short and that seem to waste time?

What can you use it for? Well, anything. This is my favorite thing about Slack offering a free-forever plan: you can use it for any group situation where you want a way to chat with a bunch of people easily.

For work, Slack reduces the friction to working together as a team. It keeps everything in a central place and has a few nifty tricks to help you work a little smarter together — more on that later.

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